V2 Indonesia Holds “Discover The Future” Event

INDONESIA: The 17th of May, saw about 200 plus guests gather at the Aruba Room in Kota Kasablanka in Jakarta, Indonesia, to discover the future of AV Technologies. The one day event organised by V2 Indonesia was a lively event which was much more than just a seminar on AV technologies. 

Guests who were mainly end-users and re-sellers of V2 Indonesia, hailed not only from Jakarta but also Surabaya, Solo, Bandung, Kalimantan and even Bali. The event saw a total of 9 informative presentation by V2's principals as well as entertainment, tons of lucky draw prizes and even a presentation by motivational speaker James Gwee to round off the event – to say it was not a typical AV presentation event would be an understatement.

Brands also put up their solutions atthe back of the hall for guests to see,experience and understand more aboutthe technologies on display. Coffee,tea and lunch breaks also ensured thatguests were taken care of well.The event got off to a rousing start with an entertainment performance before the presentations. V2's principals flw down specifially for the event to add value with their presentation. The
presentations were as follows 

RGBLink's International Sales Director, Ben Hu spoke about the visual landscape and what might be the future in his “Dynamic Connection, Evolving Markets” presentation.Alex Zhang, Business Director of DiGiBird gave an overview about Image processors to help create stunning videowall messages.

Christie's Jonathan Lim, Director of Sales, Image Processing Systems,APAC, spoke on “The Art of Redefiing Conventional AV” highlighting how
more screens are being used in different settings and how image processors play a critical role in ensuring the displays work perfectly.

Aaron He, PH.D, Vice President of Novastar emphasized on the importance of “Calibration for LEDs” and how this is achieved.

Vivitek's Kevin Y.M.Shih, General Manager of Global Product Management at Vivitek Corporation brought guests through the evolution of light source for projectors highlighting the impact of Laser projectors Gark Tan, General Manager of Mersive Asia-Pacifi, in keeping to the theme of Discover the Future, gave an overview of the changing landscape in meeting and collaboration spaces and how technology like Mersive's Solstice is revolutionising the space by making BYOD presentations a reality with numerous advantages. Dr Lothar Lou, CEO of Joyway spoke about the technological advancement in relation to outdoor LEDs that enables integrators and end-users to consider the instalment of LED panels where previously it would have been diffiult.Lightking Tech Group's General Manager Zeming Qi, expanded on the Outdoor LED theme highlighting to guests that there is more to be considered other  than pixels where outdoor installation is


Rounding off the presentations was Ken Liu, APAC Sales Manager for tvONE who spoke about a specifi product from the company, ONERack, which puts the interest and needs of the installer in the Rack space. ONERack offers installers and end-users a much better, effective and productive way to rack small units such as receivers in the rack. Guests were also pro-active with every presentation ending off with a lively Q&A.

 On the objective of organising this event, Rudi Hidayat, CEO, V2 Indonesia explained, “Every organization, company, either in public or private sector involved in business activity must be dynamic and prepared to take revolutionary action by knowing the trends with respect to technology in their business approach. 


That's the reason (why) we organise this seminar, to educate and share with customers.” “The more knowledge you share with thecustomer, the more they understand how technology can help their organisation and as a by-product they trust and like you. This is the key for us in building our relationship with customers.”

On creating a memorable event, Rudi added, “Organising a seminar is not just about putting it together. You must have a unique concept and ensure that it is not boring for the participants, so that they will stay throughout the event and feel their time was well spent as an investment to grow their knowledge. There is so much to be done, starting with choosing the main theme, then what would be the content, how to set-up the venue in terms of layout and other considerations, so that the event is not just another normal seminar.” 

“At V2 Indonesia our concept is never the same each time. We want to make customers feel excited when they get invited for the next seminar. Knowledge, Enjoyment and Excitement are the keys to V2 seminars,” said a pleased Rudi. The event was without any doubt a success in transmitting knowledge, enabling participants to talk directly to the manufacturer reps and seeing the solutions. Kudos to V2 Indonesia for an informative, entertaining and wellorganised event.


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