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V2 Indonesia and Hisense New Product Launch and Strengthens Collaboration

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24 Mar 2022


V2 Indonesia and Hisense New Product Launch and Strengthens Collaboration

Jakarta, 23 March 2022 - Welcoming the second quarter of 2022, a leading electronics manufacturer from China, Hisense, in collaboration with V2 Indonesia, as a subsidiary of PT M Cash Integration Tbk (IDX: MCAS), presents the latest model of an interactive whiteboard or commonly known as an interactive digital board (IDB) which have been marketed together since 2021. On this occasion, it was also agreed to expand the collaboration between the two companies to market a digital signage line with the ability to turn on 24 hours a day.

The latest line of interactive whiteboards from Hisense with the WR6BE model, apart from being wrapped in a more stylish design, is also reinforced with additional features, both in terms of hardware and software, which are updated from the previous version. V2 Indonesia as a distribution partner in Indonesia complements the presence of this device by offering System as a Service (SaaS) services that make it easier for customers to get this product without a large initial cost for their office needs, even this system provides complete services such as periodic service, content management system, training from experts and technical team support.

“As a digital technology company that focuses on high-end products, especially in the audiovisual industry, we are proud to be working with Hisense who shares his vision of innovation and leadership in the digital AV ecosystem. And now we are here specifically to introduce SaaS services in Hisense's newest product line in 2022," said Rudi Hidayat, CEO of V2 Indonesia.

Goodbye to the Age of Conventional Whiteboards

The interactive digital board is the latest technology solution that replaces the era of traditional whiteboards. The whiteboard, writing instrument, and eraser are replaced by glass screens with infrared technology to detect touch supported by optical bonding technology which not only results in a faster response time and also a comfortable writing experience. In addition to using the 2 styluses that are already available, users can also use their hands to write, delete or manage content just like on a tablet.

Carrying the Android 8 operating system, users can embed various applications needed for work and teaching, and learning activities. Various video conferencing applications that have been widely and commonly used since this pandemic period can also be embedded directly into this interactive whiteboard device and used without using a device computer, even in this device there is also an integrated microphone array device that can detect the sound source when it is used for video conferencing while filtering the noise to minimize distortion. The camera option can also be installed on top of this device which already provides a USB port at the top. The camera offered already supports auto framing which can detect the number of meeting participants who are in front of this device so that it can perform automatic highlighting optimization and a wide viewing angle of up to 120°.

The Asia Pacific Regional B2B Director of Hisense International Co. Ltd., Jacky Jia, also said that “We launched the Interactive Digital Board WR6BE series as a refinement of the latest model. Equipped with a plug-in camera, built-in microphone, and other features built into it, this model will be perfect for today's needs in enterprise and education.

To make presentations on this device, users can make several choices, such as using files that have been inserted into the existing 32GB internal storage or doing so from other devices such as computers, tablets, or smartphones based on windows, android, or iOS wirelessly. This interactive whiteboard also provides a wireless cast dongle for computers. To support collaboration between users, this electronic whiteboard can display presentations from 4 devices at once so that discussion activities become easier. 

Thanks to the octa-core processor that powers the device, fast computing, and accurate touch sensitivity, the Hisense WR6BE Interactive Digital Board can provide a best-in-class operational experience. With this technology, it is hoped that the experience of sharing information and video conferencing capabilities will become more attractive and provide pleasure for both the host and the participants.

The Hisense WR6BE Interactive Digital Board is available in three sizes, namely 65, 75, and 86 inches. All three carry 4K resolution which ensures satisfaction in enjoying the beauty of perfect colors and rich details. The bottom is also equipped with a soundbar with dual-channel Dolby sound to provide a cinematic audio-visual experience.

Perfect Visualization For Your Eyes

In addition to the Interactive Digital Board, on this occasion, Hisense also confirmed the collaboration with V2 Indonesia to market the digital signage product line with the BM66AE model which is available in 43, 49, 55, and 86 inches sizes. This model can turn on continuously for 24 hours making it very suitable to be placed in public transportation, shopping centers, airports, and other retail locations. Their slim design makes it easy to blend into the environment and makes messages appear more attractive, easy to read and enjoy. Bright colors in 4K resolution provide an impression that effectively conveys the information the user wants to convey.

“We have been working closely with V2 Indonesia to market the Hisense Interactive Digital Board since 2021 and we think this year is the right time to expand our partnership to our M series signage as both parties see a market opportunity that can be achieved together while bringing added value. to the Indonesian market,” said Yudhistira Pangaji, B2B Director of PT. Hisense International Indonesia.

In addition to durability, other superior features in the BM66AE series are a light sensor, smart temperature control, and dual-core System on Chip (SoC) technology to perform content management either offline or via the cloud without a PC. With an extra-wide viewing angle; up to 178 ° and a brightness level of up to 500 nits makes the display device can easily display content in various public areas.

The content that you want to display on the BM66AE digital signage can also be managed remotely and centrally with the Android-based CMS (content management system) platform embedded in it. This setting can also not only be done on the content but also on other features of this device.

Technology, quality, integrity & responsibility are Hisense's 4 main keys. Over the years, Hisense has developed energy-efficient products that are more environmentally friendly and support many human activities in the world.

Nowadays, recognizing the need for technology that provides virtual and interactive presentation pleasure, Hisense, as one of the largest electronics companies in the world, is presenting its latest technology in the WR series Smart Board and Hisense Digital Signage Display.

"In managing the operation of End to End digital signage V2 Indonesia in collaboration with Digital Mediatama Maxima (DMMX) aims to provide cloud content platform services, system management, and commerce platforms to support the SaaS system that will be presented by V2 Indonesia, this provides a good synergy for future development,” said Rudi Hidayat, CEO of V2 Indonesia.


About Hisense International

Established in 1969, Hisense soared from its headquarters in Qingdao, Shandong Province, China into a multinational company with existence in 54 overseas subsidiaries. Well-known with its aggressive branding in sports such as FIFA World Cup and UEFA Euro, Hisense has put itself among top electronic companies. 

In Indonesia, Hisense started its consumer electronics business in 2014 and currently building its B2B organization covering segments such as commercial display, medical equipment, and intelligent transportation system to strengthen its name in the Indonesian market. Aspiring to become the most reliable brand in the world with more than a century of brand heritage, Hisense aims to continually pursue scientific and technological innovation in hopes to improve the overall quality of life and bring happiness to millions of families.