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Founded in 1948 and for more than 70 years, Nakamichi has succeeded in showing its image as a high-quality audio brand that provides premium audio sound, attractive design and luxury.

Nakamichi has launched a new dual-mic noise reduction technology wireless headset, which effectively reduces background noise. Built-in dual Mic, radio on the right side during calls, and left and right earphones can be used separately.

Enjoy a world without sound with the new TW5

1. Dual Mic Noise Reduction Technology
Dual microphone noise reduction technology effectively reduces background noise and makes your voice clearer. It is suitable for video calls and online meetings
2. Duo Voice Distribution
Support dual microphone function, make call sound quality more stable and call content clearer
3. Supports AAC / SBC
Supports SBC and AAC audio to reduce the appearance of sound quality distortion and provide better sound quality enjoyment.
4. Supports Wireless Charging
Supported wireless-charging technology. No more getting tangled up with cables when charging. Charge anytime and anywhere.
5. 24 Jem Battery Playback
Charging case with 400mAh power, can be used for up to 24 hours of music playback. The earphones can last for 60 minutes with only 10 minutes of charging
6. Lightweight Headphone Deisgn
Small size and light weight with crystal clear sound quality. Earphones weigh only 4.7g
7. Lightweight and Portable
Weight: 42g 400mAh power (non-stop 24 hours of music playback, enjoy unhindered music freedom). Charging case dimensions: 63.5x51.5x21.3mm

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