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Smart meeting solution
Integrated interactive ecosystem tools secure wireless presentation and collaboration. MIRA's flexibility makes this interactive display the best solution for your workspace.

Optically bound 4K display for defining clarity
Experience the benefits of optical bonding such as clear images, vibrant colors and true 178° viewing angles. No matter where you sit in the room, the picture is strong and clear.

Superior touch
The combination of optical bonding and high-level IR touch results in outstanding touch accuracy and a smooth writing experience with pen, finger, and palm recognition.
With over 20 touch points, get a highly responsive and lag-free multi-touch experience. Allows your team to work and write at the same time without any limits.

Integrated camera & microphone array
An integrated camera and microphone array with echo cancellation and noise reduction, facilitating easy collaboration and video calling, is the reason MIRA is a great choice for remote meetings.

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