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16x Zoom in True 4K Ultra HD
The MX-P2 is the first camera on the market to offer 16x digital zoom at 4K resolution, capturing video in True 4K at 30fps or Full HD at 60fps without any loss of quality.

HDMI/RGB/USB 3.0 Outputs
The MX-P2 comes with Super Speed USB 3.0, HDMI, and RGB/VGA output options to connect seamlessly to a wide variety of devices.

Lightweight - 1.2lbs
Weighing only 1.2lbs, the MX-P2 is completely portable - making it perfect to take with you for on-the-go presentations.

The MX-P2 is equipped to twist, bend, and fold, making it one of the most flexible document cameras in the ELMO lineup. The MX-P2 can fold up as small as many smartphones.

MX Writing Board
Pair with the MX Writing Board for dry marker surface during presentations.

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