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The Wall is a next-generation display, delivering a revolutionary visual experience.
Removing all the traditional boundaries of resolution, size and ratio, this is more than a TV.
The Wall is a statement, but one that blends in perfectly.

Never-before-seen visuals
The Wall creates visual innovation with no boundaries. An intuitive resolutionto-screen size adaption powered by AI upscaling technology, delivers a perfect view of reality in any size for a truly
immersive experience.

Optimized design for your home
The Wall seamlessly blends into its surroundings with a slim, bezel-less design. It’s a modern look, eliminating anything that is unnecessary. In a home where you have ultimate control, this means you see only what you want to see.

Your wall, your way
Never turn off your taste. Going beyond the conventional display, two distinct modes allow The Wall to become a digital canvas to watch your favorites and exhibit your personal style.

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