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Lighthouse’s latest Dynamic series is an All-in-One LED Display which is a trouble free video solution for the retail stores.

It is simple as a plug-and-play system, ready for WiFi, USB, LAN, Cloud, media connection (3G and 4G is also available upon request) to keep it under control on the network for easy installation, operation and maintenance.

Dynamic Series provides two fixtures:

FLEXIBLE Cabinet: it offers 1.8, 2.5-pixel pitches in sheet-metal cabinet provides flexibility in size for installation; All-In-One fixed sizes with a diagonal of 89”, 118” and 136", make it big enough to create impact in any indoor environment, with hassle-free installation and maintenance. 

The Dynamic series have multiple installation methods, it could be wall-mounted, hung or stand with support. The power consumption is low which means the electrical costs are significantly reduced along with installation timelines.

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