V2 Indonesia officially launches Reactiv SUITE

Avanindra Utukuri, CEO of Vizetto, at the official V2 Reactiv launch where he delivered an inspiring speech about the future of communication.
More than a speech, that keynote is another proof of the power of Reactiv SUITE – the entire keynote relies on Reactiv SUITE.

Experience the Revolution

Experience the revolutionary communication platform called Reactiv and find out why hundreds of companies, from SMEs to Fortune 500, are saving time and money with faster and more productive meetings.

Stop the Meeting Madness

What does your meeting look like in the modern world of communication? You start with a video conference call session, upload documents and content via email attachments or cloud storage platforms. Then you are forced to share these downloads links via IM, email and other platforms. You wait while your team members open these attachments using a range of different software and you watch them present content passively: all the while struggling to figure out how to collect and collate the changes being suggested.

The Cost is Enormous

Enterprises of all sizes are trying to solve the problem of a more remote workforce that needs to collaborate digitally and efficiently in this new era. If not addressed, poor collaboration will result in the loss of productivity, time, and quality and ultimately bad decision making and mistakes.


Reactiv creates a ‘Digital Table’ where multiple remote users can access and push content (such as Word, PowerPoint, Excel, MP4, PDF, JPEG, GIF) onto. All users can simultaneously markup content within the digital table to make changes and capture decisions that arise in the flow of a meeting in real-time. The software renders these documents as pieces of paper that can be manipulated individually, and seamlessly tracks the changes, while managing and archiving different versions of the documents.

One software with infinite possibilities

Reactiv will transform any workflow, in any environment.  Find out how Reactiv can make you more productive and help you to engage your audience.


Reactiv is the best collaboration tool in the market because it improves workflow for teams. The digital world makes even the easiest work tasks tough for teams. Reactiv SUITE helps teams remote and local accomplish functions faster and more efficiently.

Today our work involves different types of content such as website layouts, Microsoft Office documents, pdf, or videos. Corporations realize they must implement technologies that keep their workforce productive, creative, and competitive in the new remote digital transformation age.

Discover the Reactiv SUITE

Revolution of Story Telling

Reactiv STAGE is a powerful non-linear storytelling tool that enables teams to shift focus from managing content to the narrative of a presentation. STAGE allows you to open, render, markup, and present content of any format that is routinely used to present information.

STAGE can dramatically reduce mistakes, improve retention, and allows your team to walk away from the meeting with deeper insights.

Open any file natively

Reactiv STAGE allows you to open any file natively – Word, PowerPoint, EXCEL, MP4, PDF, JPEG, GIF and so on…

Native Inking

STAGE allows teams to embed “native ink” into many different types of documents like Word or PowerPoint files.

Revision Management

The revision feature allows you to automatically save a new file with date and time stamps to later view all added, removed, or modified annotations.

Managing additional displays

Reactiv projector and secondary screen integration will allow you to easily extend or mirror your display with the touch of a button. Through PJLink, control and manage your projector without the need for a remote.

Enhanced video playback features

Open any video, resize it, zoom in or out, speed up, slow down, advance and rewind. Annotate on any part of the video and save a single scene with the timestamp.

Arrange & Compare any type of document or File

Reactiv’s powerful layout tool will allow you to open, arrange, and compare any number of documents, files, and videos.

Revolution in Brainstorming

Reactiv SCRIBBLE is a breakthrough brainstorming and layout tool, that uses an infinite canvas, allowing you to sketch, write ideas, mark up pages and create dynamic layouts that accurately represent your vision.

SCRIBBLE can simplify complex ideas, visually communicates vision and intent, and allows your team to capture decisions and reduce mistakes.

Infinite Canvas

With SCRIBBLE the work area is adaptable and will expand as you are creating content. This infinite Canvas, allow your team to annotate and share ideas immediately.

Work with Any File

SCRIBBLE with its powerful layout capabilities, can natively open and resize any file format:
Word, Excel, PowerPoint, PDF, PNG, MP4, AVI, and many more

Powerful Pagination

Dynamically create PDF pages in the middle of a meeting and share important sections that are relevant with the team. Save & share in three simple clicks.

Smart Insert

SCRIBBLE can create new writing space anywhere on the canvas by moving existing content to the left, right, above, and below. It also can lasso an area and move content to a new location using simple gestures.

Multi Stylus support

SCRIBBLE supports multi stylus’ allowing multiple users to collaborate & annotate on the same screen on the same document or multiple documents.

Smart Rip

You can easily rip out pages from any type of document and arrange them into custom layouts. This is essential when brainstorming and content must be collected from multiple sources in order to get a point across.

Revolution in Collaborating

Reactiv HUDDLE is an innovative communications tool that allows remote employees, partners, and customers to collaborate and participate as if they were sitting in the same room. HUDDLE allows you to not only share video and audio but seamlessly share files and even interact, ink and manipulate content regardless of your location.

HUDDLE can improve the productivity of meetings as everyone can engage without any physical barriers and fewer clicks.

Video/Data Conferencing

HUDDLE will seamlessly integrate voice, video conferencing and data sharing from multiple remote team members. Trunk calling, SIP integration, WebRTC and other technologies will be implemented natively into the application.

Bi-directional Interaction

Instead of being a passive observer, any team member will be able to manipulate documents and write in the meeting from their own chair. The concept of ‘presenter’ and ‘observer’ are eliminated as team members can communicate without restrictions – like when they are face-to-face.

Archive & Distribute

When using HUDDLE, similar to AirDrop on an iPhone, users will be able to drop documents from their own local email or hard drive directly onto the ‘Reactiv table’. No longer will anyone waste time waiting to email or upload a cloud storage link and update a presentation with new content.