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French pioneer audio brand, Devialet, to open its first store in Indonesia

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25 May 2021


French pioneer audio brand, Devialet, to open its first store in Indonesia

Jakarta, Indonesia, 25 May 2021 – Devialet officially opens its first store in Plaza Indonesia located in Jakarta, Indonesia. The opening of its first store marks Devialet's commitment to strengthen its presence in the Indonesian audio market and strong momentum to support Devialet’s distribution partner in Indonesia - V2 Indonesia. The store will feature a dedicated listening room where customers can experience Devialet’s range of products from its flagship Phantom line to their latest True Wireless Earbuds, Devialet Gemini.

Devialet is proud to be opening its first store in Jakarta at Plaza Indonesia.  This will be the second country in Southeast Asia, after Singapore, to have a Devialet store and it will be the third store in the region following Marina Bay Sands and ION Orchard.  I believe it signifies the confidence and commitment we have in the Indonesian market.  That commitment is to touch as many people as we can with emotional, impactful sound experiences with our unique range of acoustic products.”, Martin Ku, General Manager for Asia Pacific.

"As the official distributor for Devialet in Indonesia, we are thrilled to be working with Devialet to launch their first store here and we are excited for our customers to experience the implosive sound of Phantom.,” said Rudi Hidayat, CEO of V2 Indonesia.


Devialet’s flagship compact speaker Phantom, embodies Devialet’s vision: to elevate sound to its rightful place in our lives, providing audiences around the world with a uniquely intricate and moving listening experience.

Since its release, Phantom has revolutionized speaker technology and become a point of reference for acoustic excellence. By combining a series of radical proprietary technologies, Phantom consistently shatters expectations at every step of the sound reproduction chain, with zero distortion, zero saturation and zero background noise.

Phantom is constantly put up to date thanks to software and hardware evolutions, offering several improvements. Those improvements can be reachable through free software updates for clients or specific product upgrades. Former product being refurbished.

Phantom I is available at two power levels, each in two colourways.

Phantom I 103 dB comes with light chrome or matte black side panels; it delivers a maximum volume of 103 dB SPL with infra-bass of 16Hz and diamond sharp treble of 25kHz.

Phantom I 108 dB comes with dark chrome and gold side panels and offers up to 108 dB SPL and even more extreme bandwidth of 14Hz to 27kHz.

Phantom I retails from 57.990.000  IDR and is available at Devialet Plaza Indonesia.


For the first time, Devialet and its engineering team has drawn upon the company’s ingenuity and expertise to bring its signature sound and first-rate audio technologies to a portable product, giving listeners the chance to enjoy incredible sound wherever they are.

Combining outstanding clarity of sound, cutting-edge adaptability and market-leading Devialet Active Noise Cancelling (ANC) technology, and protected by three new patents PBA® (Pressure Balance Architecture), IDC® (Internal Delay Compensation), and EAM® (Ear Active Matching) for uncompromising sound quality, Devialet Gemini offers users a truly unmatched on-the-go listening experience that’s tailored to them.

Devialet Gemini retails at 4,990,000 IDR and is available at Plaza Indonesia.

About Devialet

Founded in 2007, Devialet is a French acoustical engineering company operating at the intersection of luxury and cutting edge technology. Devialet is on a mission to redefine the place of sound in people's lives by delivering meaningful audio experiences.

The foundation of Devialet’s success is built upon a series of radical audio innovations from hardware to signal treatment, improving audio experience, embedded in all Devialet products: Expert Pro amplifiers, Phantom speakers and true wireless earbuds Devialet Gemini.

By coupling an unrivaled sound quality with a sleek and modern design, Devialet's world-class engineers commit to a high standard of innovation to push the boundaries of what can be achieved with audio engineering.

Since 2017, Devialet has also strengthened its licensing activity portfolio alongside its first-party range, offering partners custom-made acoustic solutions that leverage the company’s know-how & tech.


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