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KEF approaches the development of architectural loudspeakers with the same diligence as any other model; KEF’s passion for acoustic excellence wouldn’t allow anything else. The combination of innovative engineering and sophisticated acoustic design ensures KEF’s architectural speakers offer as compelling a performance as its stand-alone Hi-Fi speakers. Impeccable cosmetics ensure the speakers disappear into their surroundings, while unique design features allow KEF’S architectural speakers to be fitted with the minimum of fuss.

KEF’s comprehensive collection of in-ceiling architectural speakers offers exceptional performance from models designed to disappear into their environment. Whether you require the R Series’ jaw-dropping acoustic capacity or the C Series’ ability to recreate stereo in only one speaker if space is at a premium, KEF has the perfect speaker for your installation.

Now in its sixth decade, KEF continues to develop class-leading products at its R&D and engineering base in Maidstone, Kent. Thanks to continued innovation and an ever-growing portfolio of cutting-edge, high-performance products, KEF retains its reputation as the choice of the discerning audiophile.KEF was built on innovation, and innovation remains at the heart of everything it does.

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