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4K UHD 60fps Video Quality for Broadcasting Applications
The VC-A71P delivers ultra-clear 4K image quality at 60fps as well as a secondary option of 1080p/720p video resolution. The broadcast-camera comes with a professional 30x optical zoom lens that provides image details without any distortion, and is the perfect remote camera for high-end applications in broadcasting, house of worship, sports arenas, etc.

Supports HDMI, Ethernet, 12G-SDI image output image outputs
The VC-A71P comes equipped with 12G-SDI, HDMI, Ethernet. Multiple interfaces provide 4K video outputs, at the same time, creating flexible installation options.

Triple stream video, support HEVC / H.264
With triple stream technology, the VC-A71P provides HEVC and H.264 multiple streams that tailored for your network environment.

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