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The Crestron® Cameo® International Keypad (C2NI-CB series) offers an attractive, customizable wall mount keypad for use in controlling lighting, shades, AV, and other functions in any residential or commercial application. It installs in a single-gang European or UK electrical box, and is available in a choice of almond, black, or white textured finishes. Its pushbuttons are configurable using a selection of button sizes with optional backlit engraving, and auto-brightness control maintains clear legibility of the buttons under varying lighting condition. White LED indicators provide true feedback of system settings and status. The C2NI-CB integrates with a Crestron control system or Crestron Pyng® system through a wired Cresnet® connection.

Customizable Buttons
Exquisitely simple yet highly customizable, the C2NI-CB keypad can be configured easily by the installer to provide the precise control functionality required by the end customer. Its two columns of buttons are each independently configurable using one of three furnished button strips as follows:

  • Set of two large buttons
  • Set of three medium buttons
  • Set of one medium and four small buttons

Smoothly rounded button faces and refined pushbutton action return an affirming tactile response with each button press. Simply press a button to select a lighting scene, raise the window shades, or turn up the music. More advanced capabilities are available using “Button Events,” allowing different actions to be triggered depending on whether you tap, double-tap, or hold the button. “Shift key” functionality is also possible, allowing extra functions to be accessed by holding one key while tapping another. Whatever the need, the C2NI-CB keypad can be as simple or go as deep as you want.

Backlit Button Engraving
Pushbuttons can be ordered with custom engraving, allowing each button to be clearly labeled according to its function. The button engraving is backlit to facilitate use in a darkened room. High quality laser etched engraving is available from Crestron by ordering a replacement set of button strips in the sizes desired.[1]

Enhanced LED Feedback
Each button position is accompanied by a white LED indicator, which may be configured to confirm a button press, indicate the current selected lighting scene, or display the active state of a controlled device. “True feedback” response allows each LED to show you the actual status of your systems and equipment, so you’ll know which lighting scene is selected, or if a ceiling fan is turned on, or even if the front door is locked and the security system is armed. A selection of blink patterns can be assigned to indicate various conditions or to signal an alert. Bargraph capability can be enabled using all six LEDs on either side to indicate the dimming level, shade position, or audio volume as you adjust them.

Auto-Brightness Control
To ensure optimal visibility under varying lighting conditions, the button backlighting and indicator intensity adjusts automatically between two settings according to the amount of ambient light in the room. Day or night, in bright sunlight or complete darkness, you’ll always be able to find the button you need.

Cresnet® Communications
Cameo International keypads communicate with a Crestron control system via Cresnet, a simple 4-wire network bus that provides bidirectional data communication and 24 VDC power to each keypad in the system.

Contact Closure Inputs
Two sensing inputs are included on the rear of the keypad to provide a simple and convenient interface for low-voltage contact-closure devices such as door switches and motion detectors.

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