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World Class Touch and Writing Experience

Touch has become a habit. Touch devices need to understand the user's intentions to express a natural touch and writing experience. FLEX has been developed with these needs in mind. The FLEX pen works with Windows Ink smoothly. Annotate any document simply, use any software and save your notes.

Tilting to Pas

Tilts the FLEX easily until it reaches a comfortable angle to start writing. The palm rejection system allows you to use the pen in a natural/comfortable writing position.

Holding Control at Your Fingers

Not all video conferencing devices have the same intuition. You may often find yourself searching for the mute and unmute icons. FLEX ensures functions like these are always within your reach with camera and microphone control, no matter how the software moves to the control menu.

A Flexible Camera That Recognizes You

Tilt the 4K camera to an angle that's right for you. With the help of Windows Hello, you can unlock your laptop and reach all your content in seconds.

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