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MS 10 4K Video Conference

All-in-One Video Conferencing Solution
Lumens MS-10 is an all-in-one VC camera, microphone, and speaker system for conferencing collaborative meetings, and unified communications. Compliant with all major platforms (including Teams, Zoom, and WebEx), MS-10 is certified to support Barco Clickshare for truly interactive meetings.

Capture Everyone with Ease
The MS-10 features sophisticated auto-framing technology: its camera intelligently identifies participants in the room and adjusts the zoom angle to incorporate every guest. With an ultra-wide 120° field of view and the ability to zoom in 4x, the camera can be used by individuals and groups in fully automatic mode. The unit is optimized to deliver superb 4K output or HD at all zoom settings.

Accurate Voice Pickup
With multiple participants in a huddle room or meeting space, capturing the clear sound is crucial for an effective video conference. MS-10's five directional microphones have echo cancellation and noise suppression to capture every participant's voice clearly. The beamforming mics comfortably pick up voices whether they are sitting directly in front of the unit or up to 5 meters away from the device.

4K UltraHD Image
Benefitting from Lumens' expertise in broadcast production, MS-10's large 4K CMOS sensor captures beautifully crisp pictures with natural skin tones. There's no need to adjust the settings: the UC Video Soundbar is designed to perform out of the box. Even in poorly lit rooms, the camera performs very well, giving remote participants a great conferencing experience.

Data Bridging
Like most webcam devices, MS-10 is connected via USB. When linked to the network using Ethernet, MS-10 also acts as a bridge to deliver Internet connectivity to the host laptop over USB. This means that the PC or Mac running the video conferencing software is no longer reliant on WiFi for streaming. Nor does the operator need to connect a separate Ethernet cable to the computer for network access – all connectivity (video, audio, control and network data) is routed thru a single USB port to the MS-10. This approach saves time cabling the laptop, reduces the risk of cable tangle, delivers a solid data connection and provides reliable two-way video communication.

One-Touch Mute Video or Audio
With MS-10 remote control and color-changing status light, you can easily control volume, pan, tilt, zoom, and mute the audio and video. You can also protect your team's privacy with one quick touch.

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